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360 Communications, LLC

Let your Internet have the run of the place!

360Mesh is for farms, homesteads, open spaces and vineyards to be able to broadcast the Internet connection all around the property. 360Mesh WiFi system extends your network to your open spaces like workshops, garages, stables, wine storage, tasting rooms, bed and breakfast, pasture or the back 40.


  • 360Mesh WiFi is for Wide Open Spaces
  • Designed for outdoor use all 360Mesh APs are weather resistant
  • Highest power and range
  • We design the system to work with Metal Buildings
  • 1 mile or 2 miles no problem and we do this without running cables from one AP to an other
  • All WiFi devices can use the network
  • 2 SSID one for you and one for guest
  • Have your own HotSpot